Another story of baggage handlers caught on camera. Except this one’s different.


I wrote this 35,000 feet somewhere above Manitoba on my way home from giving a talk @ Social Media Camp 2014 in Victoria, BC. I booked an early flight home in order to spend the rest of the day with my family – including my 1-year old pup Willow.

As we sat on the tarmac, I was staring blankly out my window, and noticed an Air Canada plane (Flight AC190) also preparing to leave. Two baggage handlers were loading a final few large items into the cargo hold – one of which was a large dog crate.

Flying is stressful enough for most people. Flying for animals must be downright terrifying. I wondered how the pooch was faring, and I could see from my vantage point that the dog wasn’t calm inside the crate. Maybe barking, maybe nipping- probably scared out of its mind. Whatever it was doing, it was unsettled.

What happened next made my day. [Read more…]

4 ways to avoid a Twitter PR disaster

Snowpocalypse Toronto - thanks to for the image

Embarrassing, #FAIL-worthy tweets from corporate accounts is nothing new. When it does happen, media coverage and case studies ensue. Smart brands respond appropriately. Others make the situation worse. The municipality I live in has become the latest victim of the tweet-gone-bad phenomenon. In this case, an offensive, obscene message was tweeted from the corporate account. It’s possible the account was hacked. It’s more likely this was accidental, and the person responsible thought they were updating their personal account. What made this message so offensive is that the tweet criticized city residents and their inability to handle snow – during the biggest snowstorm we’ve seen in years.

This situation gives those of us who aren’t suffering through a real-time PR nightmare a chance to reflect on four basic ways to protect our own organizations from being tomorrow’s social media case-study. [Read more…]

5 Critical Twitter Tips for Business Leaders

5 Critical Twitter Tips for Business Leaders

This post assumes that your executive or senior leader has committed to use and manage their own Twitter account. If they have, here are five quick tips that sets them up for instant success. [Read more…]