5 Ways To Raise, Train And Retain A Social Business Army

5 Ways To Raise, Train And Retain A Social Business Army

In May 2012, I was invited to present at Social Media Camp 2012, the largest social media conference in Western Canada. There’s a growing number of people (like me) who regularly try and balance “doing social” with other full-time responsibilities.

As a result, every social advocate, in any sized organization, faces the danger of diminishing returns without coordinated and sustained help. My session provided a 5-stage framework for business leaders to get find and train the help required – and then keep it going.

My thanks to the many people who attended my session, and then shared what they learned socially.

The goals of my session were: [Read more…]

A B2B Social Media “So What” in 2 minutes [Video]


This short video offers a B2B Social Media “So What” – in my case, for the people of Softchoice. We’ve found it useful to get people past the “social-media-is-only-for-my-kids” frame of mind – particularly with Boomers.

It offers up short, specific answers to why employees need to participate, how customers can benefit and what’s in it for a business when they do. [Read more…]