My bonafide, certified, 100% guaranteed-to-succeed model for social engagement

My bonafide, certified, 100% guaranteed-to-succeed model for social engagement
I have lots of conversations with folks about one thing – how to get more people engaged with the social content they share. I’ve found myself drawing the same picture over and over again, and so I present it here for you to use and share. This engagement framework is dead simple.

If you accept that

  1. social networks are best-served as places where you create conversations
  2. you want people to react to what you’re sharing (and not everyone does)

then it stands to reason that you have the best chance to create a dialog when someone passionately agrees or passionately disagrees with what you’re sharing.

Passion is the key word here – anything less than a visceral reaction (either positive or negative) won’t be enough to get them to act.

So if you want comments, likes, @ replies, etc focus on sharing stuff that polarizes people’s opinions.

Anything less won’t cut it. And everything else you share is just noise.

I promise – with practice and the right frequency, it will work.

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Joel loves making people and organizations look, sound and feel great through creative uses of technology. When he's not fulfilling duties as a proud papa & husband, he leads brand and communications at Softchoice, one of the largest IT service & solution providers in North America.


  1. Marketing for resellers creates a challenge here. It’s a fine line between polarizing opinion and maintaining relationships with vendors i.e. tape storage is dead vs. tape storage is not dead….


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