Another story of baggage handlers caught on camera. Except this one’s different.


I wrote this 35,000 feet somewhere above Manitoba on my way home from giving a talk @ Social Media Camp 2014 in Victoria, BC. I booked an early flight home in order to spend the rest of the day with my family – including my 1-year old pup Willow.

As we sat on the tarmac, I was staring blankly out my window, and noticed an Air Canada plane (Flight AC190) also preparing to leave. Two baggage handlers were loading a final few large items into the cargo hold – one of which was a large dog crate.

Flying is stressful enough for most people. Flying for animals must be downright terrifying. I wondered how the pooch was faring, and I could see from my vantage point that the dog wasn’t calm inside the crate. Maybe barking, maybe nipping- probably scared out of its mind. Whatever it was doing, it was unsettled.

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The Problem With LinkedIn Endorsements – And 6 Quick Fixes

The Problem With LinkedIn Endorsements - And 6 Quick Fixes

My friend Jack is looking for new career opportunities. Jack noticed his friend Larry had endorsed Moe, a senior leader at a company he’s trying to get into. Jack asked Larry to tell him about Moe, figuring if he knew him well enough to endorse him, he’d know him well enough to offer a warm intro.

“Who’s Moe?” Larry replied.
“You endorsed him on LinkedIn!” said Jack.
“Oh. Him. I don’t know really know him.” Larry said. “And I just clicked that stuff to get rid of it on the screen.”

This is a true story. While the names have been changed out of respect for my still-employed-friend, it also sums up the core problem everyone seems to have with LinkedIn Endorsements. They take zero effort. They’re a hit-and-run social interaction. While it’s easy to blame LinkedIn for making this feature too easy to use, as my friend Tim Burrows says so well, “A social platform is no better or worse than the people that use it. And more importantly, how they use it.”

The real issue I see is that improper use of this feature creates more noise than value. That said, I believe there are six ways we can all improve LinkedIn Endorsements so they’re more authentic and real for everyone.
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Why I Won’t Connect With You On LinkedIn

Why I Won't Connect With You On LinkedIn

Look – it’s not you. It’s me. I’m sure you really are a swell person. It’s just that I feel you’re looking for something else. When you send me a LinkedIn connection request and we don’t really know each other, I’m sorry – but for you to get the most out of LinkedIn, you deserve better than me.

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What Star Wars Teaches Us About Social Media At Work

What Star Wars Teaches Us About Social Media At Work

This post is dedicated to the people who “get” social media in companies that don’t – and need some inspiration to bring about change.

We all know the story. An oppressive regime suppresses the masses to the point where pockets of resistance emerge, an alliance of rebels forms, and a hero is revealed who defeats the evil Empire and brings freedom to the people.

Are we really talking about Star Wars, or how your business views the use of social media in the workplace? [Read more…]