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Joel loves making people and organizations look great through creative uses of technology. When he's not fulfilling duties as a proud papa & husband, he leads creative services and digital marketing at Softchoice, one of the largest IT solution providers in North America.

  • Dan Ioanitescu

    Great post!

    I agree with keeping twitter and LinkedIn strictly professional and Facebook as more of a social playground. But what happens if a customer sends a friend request on Facebook? I feel that denying wouldn’t be the way to go about it, but at the same time, there might be a few pictures you wouldn’t want them to see.

    • Thanks Dan. Here’s how I’d handle that scenario. Facebook and Google+ offer decent tools to create groups (or circles) of people. If you feel compelled to connect with a customer on Facebook, create a group and add them to it. You can then decide what content they should see – and what should remain out of bounds. 

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