5 Ways To Raise, Train And Retain A Social Business Army

5 Ways To Raise, Train And Retain A Social Business Army

In May 2012, I was invited to present at Social Media Camp 2012, the largest social media conference in Western Canada. There’s a growing number of people (like me) who regularly try and balance “doing social” with other full-time responsibilities.

As a result, every social advocate, in any sized organization, faces the danger of diminishing returns without coordinated and sustained help. My session provided a 5-stage framework for business leaders to get find and train the help required – and then keep it going.

My thanks to the many people who attended my session, and then shared what they learned socially.

The goals of my session were:

  1. Minimizing risk for your organization by providing guidelines
  2. Maximizing the impact of your advocacy and onboarding efforts
  3. Mobilizing your newly formed social business army with (social) commanders intent

At Softchoice, we’ve spent the past couple of years building our own small but growing cross-departmental social business army. What follows is the 5-step methodology – and various practical tips – we’ve used to onboard interns and eager employees looking to get involved in actively managing our many social profiles.

How have you inspired others to ge involved with social at work? What would you add to this presentation? Were you in attendance at my session? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

For my session attendeesHere’s my in-depth post on Popluence, including a template you can use.

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Joel loves making people and organizations look, sound and feel great through creative uses of technology. When he's not fulfilling duties as a proud papa & husband, he leads brand and communications at Softchoice, one of the largest IT service & solution providers in North America.


  1. Joel, just wanted to say I really enjoyed your session at SMCamp.  I took away a ton and hope that we can use some of your ideas to help us at Neverblue.  Thanks and will definitely be following The Social What. 


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