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Before Creating a Yammer Group, Answer These 3 Questions First.

Before Creating a Yammer Group, Answer These 3 Questions First.

This post is for leaders within organizations who provide Yammer guidance & best practices. If you’re unfamiliar with the enterprise social network, read my post 5 ways to use Yammer for a decent primer.

Groups are arguably the best way to get instant business value out of collaboration tools like Yammer. They reduce the “noise” people see in their main feed by focusing messages around specific, affinity-based topics. For example, you might see groups for people to collaborate on key projects or company initiatives. You might also see groups designed to share best practices in a specific industry vertical. At Softchoice, we have a number of private groups used by departments to reduce the amount of email amongst teammates, while improving the conversational tone of the exchange.

Since a Yammer network “belongs” to all employees, each person has the ability to create a group. But just because someone can, doesn’t mean they should. Before people create a group, ask them to answer 3 questions:

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Way Better Sales Calls – In 15 Minutes (Or Less)

Way Better Sales Calls - In 15 Minutes (Or Less)

Fifteen minutes is all it takes to turn boring customer sales calls into well-informed, highly-relevant, personal conversations.

What separates great sellers from the pack is their deep knowledge of a customer’s business. The trick for any salesperson – regardless of tenure & industry – is finding the time necessary to learn about a customer, and using those insights to create impactful appointments.

Here are three easy ways to use social media to learn about customers while saving time – by bringing timely information right to you, so you don’t need to hunt for it. [Read more…]