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Another story of baggage handlers caught on camera. Except this one’s different.

I wrote this 35,000 feet somewhere above Manitoba on my way home from giving a talk @ Social Media Camp 2014 in Victoria, BC. I booked an early flight home in order to spend the rest of the day with my family – including my 1-year old pup Willow. As we sat on the tarmac, I […]


5 Ways to Build A Network of Trust Through Social Media

A while ago I was invited to speak to a group of financial professionals from FEI about using social media as a way to build a network of trust. I told the group I'd be successful if, by the end of … [ More ]


The Problem With LinkedIn Endorsements – And 6 Quick Fixes

My friend Jack is looking for new career opportunities. Jack noticed his friend Larry had endorsed Moe, a senior leader at a company he's trying to get into. Jack asked Larry to tell him about Moe, … [ More ]

5 ways for IT to put social media to work (at work)

5 Ways For IT To Put Social Media To Work (At Work)

IT leaders may be in the best position to help prevent a “fire, ready, aim” approach to using social media. This may sound counter-intuitive at first. After all, IT blocks social media, right? Not so. … [ continue reading ]

Snowpocalypse Toronto

4 ways to avoid a Twitter PR disaster

Embarrassing, #FAIL-worthy tweets from corporate accounts is nothing new. When it does happen, media coverage and case studies ensue. Smart brands respond appropriately. Others make the situation … [ continue reading ]

Why I Won't Connect With You On LinkedIn

Why I Won’t Connect With You On LinkedIn

Look - it's not you. It's me. I'm sure you really are a swell person. It's just that I feel you're looking for something else. When you send me a LinkedIn connection request and we don't really know … [ continue reading ]

5 Google Alerts Every Business Leader Needs

5 Google Alerts Every Business Leader Needs

Google Alerts are emails automatically sent to you when there are new Google search results for terms you specify. They are one of the best and cheapest (read: free) ways to keep up-to-date on news … [ continue reading ]